Online forum / Discussion Board

Al-Quds University recognizes the importance of fostering a collaborative learning environment, both in-person and online. To support this, the university’s e-learning platform  incorporates dedicated forums and discussion boards within each class page, enabling students to engage in meaningful conversations and share their perspectives on class materials, readings, exams, and other relevant subjects.

These online forums and discussion boards are designed to facilitate open communication between students and their peers, as well as with their instructors. By participating in these discussions, students can deepen their understanding of course content, clarify any doubts or misconceptions, and build connections with their classmates. This collaborative approach to learning fosters a sense of community and enhances the overall educational experience.

In addition to class-specific forums, a general forum is automatically generated for each course. This forum provides a space for students to engage in broader discussions related to the course, share resources, ask questions, and seek support from their peers. It also offers an opportunity for students to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and gain new insights and perspectives.

The online forums and discussion boards are moderated by course instructors, who can guide the conversations, provide additional input, and ensure that the discussions remain respectful and on-topic. This active involvement from instructors further enriches the learning experience for students, as they receive real-time feedback and guidance from their educators.

By incorporating online forums and discussion boards into its e-learning platform, Al-Quds University demonstrates its commitment to providing an inclusive and interactive learning environment for all students. These virtual spaces for collaboration and communication enable learners to expand their knowledge, build lasting relationships, and enhance their academic experience, regardless of their physical location.

Furthermore, there is a universal forum accessible to all students with platform access located on the home page.


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