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Aspects of Life at AQU


Diversity is everywhere

Get an opportunity to encounter individuals from diverse corners of the country and the globe, everyone is different and all universities are different, but ours is both inclusive and diverse.


Sports teams and Societies

Expand your social circle and meet new individuals while pursuing your studies at AQU,you can join sport teams and be parts of events


Support Everywhere

As an individual or student you will find support everhwere at AQU, including academics, well-being, finance and health, you will always find parties to help you. 

Our Achievements

Those who have the audacity to believe they can make a difference in the world are often the ones who achieve greatness.


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Al-Quds University Stands Out Among the Rest

Comprehensive Academic Offerings

Al-Quds University provides a wide range of academic programs at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, catering to diverse interests and career aspirations. The university continuously updates its curriculum to align with emerging trends and market demands, ensuring that students receive a relevant and well-rounded education.

Renowned Faculty and Research Opportunities

Al-Quds University is home to distinguished faculty members who are experts in their fields and dedicated to fostering a vibrant learning environment. The university also offers numerous research opportunities across various disciplines, allowing students to work closely with faculty on cutting-edge projects and gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Global Partnerships and Networking Opportunities

Al-Quds University has established partnerships with numerous prestigious institutions worldwide, providing students with opportunities for international exchanges, joint research projects, and global networking. These collaborations help students broaden their perspectives, develop intercultural skills, and enhance their employability in the global job market.

Strong Support for Students

Al-Quds University is committed to the success of its students and offers a wide array of academic, career, and personal support services. From academic advising and tutoring to career counseling and extracurricular activities, students have access to numerous resources that help them thrive both academically and personally.

Choose Excellence

“Al-Quds University is the Right Path for Your Education.”

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Live your university life to it's fullest!