The Annual General Board Meeting

Upholding Transparency and Collective Decision-Making at Al-Quds University


At Al-Quds University, we deeply value the democratic ethos that our annual general board meeting fosters or as it is known in Al-Quds University, the ‘Al-Quds University Councils meeting’. Bringing together a unique amalgamation of representatives from all sectors of our academic community, this meeting is a pivotal event in our calendar, acting as a platform for collective decision-making, meaningful discussions, and utmost transparency.

Participants and Representation:

Our annual general board meeting manifests the essence of inclusivity, uniting representatives from academic, administrative, and student bodies, along with the senior administration, deans, and vice presidents. This broad assembly guarantees that diverse perspectives are heard and considered, cultivating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and shared stewardship.

The Annual General Board Meeting, plays a pivotal role in guiding our institution towards its mission. It represents a unique amalgamation of 183 members drawn from every stratum of our community: workers, administrators, academics, all members of the university’s workers’ union, the Student Union Council, deans, the top management, and several invited guests of honor and experts from both local and international spheres. This collaborative forum provides a diverse and comprehensive platform where each constituent of the university community can participate in our collective journey.

Themes and Focus Areas:

Every year, we orient our Annual General Board Meeting around a new theme or issue, reflecting our continuous adaptation to the current context and future developments of the university. By homing in on pertinent issues, we ensure that our discourse and decisions remain dynamic, responsive, and aligned with our evolving goals.

To decide upon these themes, we solicit the guidance of international experts in various developmental and determinant fields. Their vast knowledge and varied perspectives significantly enrich our understanding of the critical issues at hand. Moreover, we also encourage everyone within the university to participate actively in the theme selection process. Faculty members, students, staff, and administrators are all invited to contribute their ideas and provide input on the topics that they believe deserve attention during the meeting. This collective brainstorming process helps us in ensuring a wide-ranging and inclusive discourse.

In addition to this, we also extend an invitation to these global experts to participate in our meetings. Their presence and contributions deepen the insights gained during these discussions and further facilitate informed decision-making. By incorporating such diverse voices, Al-Quds University ensures that its Annual General Board Meetings are not just an internal affair but also an international collaborative effort to advance the university’s mission.

Presentations and Collective Decision-Making:

The meeting’s democratic character is underscored as participants are encouraged to prepare and present their insights, proposals, and observations. Through rigorous discussions and collective decision-making, we navigate the university’s path forward in a manner that engenders a shared sense of responsibility and ownership.

As we delve into the proceedings of the meeting, we find ourselves in a democratic space where each member has a voice and a vote. Any decisions and resolutions made during the meeting are subject to a voting process by participating members. Once a consensus is reached, the agreed-upon action points are promptly transferred to the responsible departments for immediate implementation, ensuring a swift translation of words into action. This methodology underscores our belief in collective decision-making, fostering a democratic culture of shared responsibility.

Transparency and Accessibility:

The principle of transparency is a cornerstone of our meeting’s ethos. It instills trust and accountability among our community, promoting a greater sense of unity. To facilitate this, we broadcast our annual general board meeting live on the internet and publish its proceedings, ensuring all stakeholders can access vital information about our plans and decisions.

In addition to the comprehensive discussions and collective decision-making that occur during these meetings, Al-Quds University ensures that the broader community also has access to the important outcomes and recommendations of these discussions. To further our commitment to transparency, we provide summaries, news updates, and links to these meetings on our university’s official website. This enables all our stakeholders, including our students, staff, and the public, to stay informed about the progress and developments within the university.

To provide a closer look at our meetings’ proceedings, below are the summaries and links to the latest three meetings:

    1. The 29th Board Meeting: Focusing on Good Governance, Discipline, and Accountability: The most recent meeting emphasized the importance of good governance, discipline, and accountability, affirming these as key to nurturing a wholesome university environment. The meeting discussed various measures to enhance these facets within our institution.
    2. The 28th Board Meeting: Supporting AQU in Its Mission Towards Jerusalem and Its Arab Community: The focus of this meeting was Al-Quds University’s mission towards Jerusalem and its Arab community. The participants called for the need to support our university in fulfilling this mission.
    3. The 27th Board Meeting: Ensuring the Quality of University Education

Through these shared resources, we aim to uphold our commitment to transparency and collective participation in our university’s governance and development.

Our annual general board meeting epitomizes Al-Quds University’s commitment to fostering transparency, embracing democratic decision-making, and promoting an inclusive, responsive governance structure. By creating space for participation from all members of our community and sharing the outcomes of our discussions openly, we strive to deepen the sense of belonging, trust, and mutual respect within our community. As we collectively chart our path forward, we continue to drive Al-Quds University towards ever-greater growth and excellence.

Senate of Al-Quds University

Having proudly upheld the ethos of democracy and transparency for the past 29 years, the university recently made an important decision to further these values. At our 29th meeting, a proposal was voted on and approved to transition the Annual General Board Meeting or ‘Al-Quds University Councils meeting’ into a Senate or ‘Senate of Al-Quds University.’ This Senate will include the top management as well as elected representatives from all levels of the university, and importantly, elected representatives from all student unions and faculties. Furthermore, to ensure more frequent dialogues and discussions, the Senate will convene twice a year, instead of just once. This change will be implemented from the next academic term.

This move embodies Al-Quds University’s commitment to fostering an increasingly democratic and transparent environment. It not only accelerates the decision-making process but also allows more opportunities for discussions, voting, and addressing any challenges or issues that might emerge. With these steps, Al-Quds University continues to underscore its commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and shared responsibility in steering the institution towards a promising future.


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