Pre-recorded Course Video:

Al-Quds University strives to provide a comprehensive and flexible learning experience for its students, recognizing the importance of diverse and accessible educational materials. The e-learning platform ( serves as a dynamic repository for course content, enabling instructors to upload a wide range of resources, including documents, videos, and other file types to complement their in-person teaching or facilitate online learning.

Pre-recorded course videos play a significant role in this approach, offering students the opportunity to review lectures, demonstrations, and other instructional materials at their own pace. This multimedia approach caters to different learning styles and allows students to revisit complex concepts or clarify misunderstandings, enhancing their comprehension of the course content.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Al-Quds University swiftly adapted its educational offerings by implementing a live tutoring system across all faculties. As a result, numerous lectures were conducted online and recorded in their entirety. These valuable recordings have since been archived and made available as supplementary resources for current and future classes.


These pre-recorded course videos serve multiple purposes, including:

By incorporating pre-recorded course videos and other multimedia resources into its e-learning platform, Al-Quds University demonstrates its commitment to delivering a flexible, inclusive, and engaging educational experience for all students, regardless of their individual learning preferences or circumstances.

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