Transparent Financial Reporting

Fostering Trust and Accountability through Transparent Financial Reporting


At Al-Quds University, we believe in the power of transparency as a cornerstone of good governance, accountability, and trust-building. Our commitment to financial transparency is woven into our organizational ethos, shaping the way we conduct our financial operations and communicate them to our stakeholders.

Embracing Financial Transparency:

Transparent financial reporting is an integral aspect of our institutional responsibility. It allows our internal and external stakeholders to understand the financial health of Al-Quds University, grasp the intricacies of our income dependencies, and recognize our spending priorities. By providing a clear view of our financial landscape, we encourage openness, enhance stakeholder trust, and cultivate a culture of shared responsibility and informed decision-making.

Multi-Faceted Reporting:

We at Al-Quds University offer a comprehensive set of financial reports in various formats, catering to the diverse needs of our stakeholders:

  • Internal Transparency: All of our employees have the right to access our financial reports through their university web accounts. This access includes income, expenditure, borrowing, and surplus reports. We believe in treating our staff as partners, and therefore, they are entitled to complete transparency about our financial operations.
  • Regular Reporting to Government Institutions: We routinely provide financial reports to government institutions, associations, and companies within Palestine. These reports are duly documented within our university’s systems, ensuring a traceable record of information dissemination.
  • Financial Transparency for Partner Organizations: Partner organizations with which Al-Quds University has contracts and collaborations, both within Palestine and abroad, have the right to request any type of financial reports. These reports are readily provided, maintaining transparency in our partnerships.
  • Reporting to University Ranking and Sustainability Institutions: As needed, we provide requested financial reports to university ranking institutions and sustainability-focused organizations. This helps accurately reflect Al-Quds University’s standing in global education and sustainable development rankings.

Prudent Access to Information:

We take a measured approach to the public availability of our financial data. While we value transparency, we also recognize the potential for misuse of information. Hence, while we do not provide financial information via public links, all our stakeholders who need access to our financial reports can readily request them. This ensures that our commitment to transparency aligns with the need to safeguard sensitive information.

Transparent financial reporting forms the backbone of Al-Quds University’s approach to good governance and accountability. By making financial information accessible to our stakeholders in a structured and safeguarded manner, we uphold our commitment to transparency while ensuring the protection of our data. This approach fosters a culture of trust, confidence, and shared responsibility within our institution and beyond. As we stride forward, we continue to align our financial operations with our principles of transparency, responsibility, and inclusive partnership.


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