Student Life & Activities

Vibrant and Fulfilling Life

A vibrant and fulfilling student life experience is an essential part of the educational journey at Al-Quds University. We believe that extracurricular activities provide a valuable opportunity for students to develop new skills, build lasting friendships, and foster a sense of belonging within our diverse community. Our campus is buzzing with activities, events, and opportunities for students to engage with their peers, explore their interests, and create lifelong memories.

We Make Opportunities​

Life at Al-Quds University is a rich tapestry of experiences, challenges, and growth opportunities. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally, forging lifelong connections and memories that will endure long after they have left our campus.

Experience Beyond Expectations​​

Student Clubs & Organizations

With over a hundred student-led clubs and organizations catering to various interests, there is truly something for everyone at Al-Quds University. From cultural and academic clubs to sports teams, community service groups, and creative arts organizations, students have countless opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and immerse themselves in their passions.

Campus Events and Traditions

Throughout the year, our campus comes alive with a diverse range of events and activities that showcase our unique culture and foster a sense of unity among our community. Annual traditions, such as Welcome Week, cultural festivals, and commencement ceremonies, bring students together to celebrate their achievements and create lasting memories.

Leadership Opportunities

Al-Quds University is committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders. We offer various leadership development programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to help students hone their leadership skills, gain valuable experience, and make a positive impact on campus and beyond.

Student Support Services

Our dedicated staff and faculty are committed to ensuring the well-being and success of our students. From academic advising and tutoring services to mental health counseling and disability support, we provide a wide range of resources and support services to help students navigate the challenges and opportunities of university life.

Social & Networking Events

We recognize the importance of fostering connections and building networks for our students. Regular social events, such as mixers, career fairs, and alumni gatherings, provide students with opportunities to network with professionals in their fields, gain valuable insights, and forge lasting relationships!

What Students Say
"Al-Quds University accepts the matriculation certificate, and it is subject to the conditions of the high school equivalency!"
Omar Natoor
Bachelor's Student
"I choose Al-Quds University for its distinguished scientific and academic level, especially the health faculties!"
Sura Manadra
Bachelor's Student
"Bagrut certification is accepted at Al-Quds University and it is subject to the Tawjihi official condition and requirements!"
Aden Abu Raya
Bachelor's Student
"Al-Quds University nourishes an excellent university environment, because of its low living cost, and its vital location centering Palestine!"
Naser Barakat
Bachelor's Student
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